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Stage 1 through to Stage 3 Tunes available. (Ethanol Options available.)

These tunes have a list of option to customize and tweak such as:

  • exhaust burble
  • GTS stat-up roar
  • Max cooling mode (vehicle will run 10°C cooler than standard)
  • Exhaust flap (open / closed / OEM)
  • Speed limiter (removes maximum vehicle speed)
  • Catalytic monitoring (Ability to turn off Cat Monitoring – if vehicle is fitted with cat. less down pipes)
  • Boost by gear reduction (Reduce boost pressure in certain gears to dull down wheel spin)

We can also perform a plethora of advanced coding features to the vehicle, such as:

  • Auto folding side mirrors
  • Remove iDrive start disclaimer
  • Video in motion
  • Start/stop function (normally off rather than normally on)

If you have a particular coding that you want done, you are more than welcome to inquire on the day.

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