BMW Servicing Perth

The BMW mechanic for the die hard BMW fan.

Optimum vehicle performance means regular servicing. We service all BMW models, from BMW 1 Series to 7 Series (plus X and Z). BM Techniks provides logbook servicing, pre-purchase inspections, brake and clutch inspections, tyre-fitting and balancing, wheel alignment plus engine and transmission reconditioning.

We calculate an estimate when you leave your car with us, so you never have to worry about the unexpected cost. Plus, you’ll always get a free lift to the train station or a loan car depending on the amount of work we undertake.

These services always include

  • Oil replacement using BMW grade fully synthetic oil
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Comprehensive safety check
  • Full diagnostic scan using Autologic Diagnostics scanner.

 The BM Techniks difference

BMW standard service intervals range from 15000kms on early models to 25000km on post 98 model cars. This interval might seem standard but here in Australia some of our fuels do not meet Euro standards. What does this mean? It means more contamination builds up quicker in your oil. Oil is crucial for lubrication protection, cooling and cleaning, which also means it is crucial for engine longevity and reliability. We recommend having your BMW serviced every 10000km or every 12 months as preventative maintenance.

We’re open for servicing 8AM-5PM, Monday-Friday.


Our Services Include:

Power Upgrade - Tuning Services
Logbook servicing
Repairs and Maintenance Services
Repairs & Maintenance
Brakes and clutches Service Repairs
Brakes and clutches
Air Conditioning Re-gassing
Air conditioning re-gassing
Tyre Fitting and Balancing Services
Tyre fitting and balancing
Wheel Aligning Services Icon
Wheel aligning
Engine Transmission Services Icon
Engine and transmission reconditioning
Power Upgrade - Tuning Services
Power Upgrades: Tuning
Power Upgrade - Supercharging
Power Upgrades: Supercharging
Exhause Upgrades Services
Exhaust Upgrades
Suspension Upgrades Services
Suspension Upgrades

Need more power?

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